Point Bahrain was established to fill a need in a niche that has never been fulfilled correctly in Bahrain, We believe that we are the best in data mining, we took this talent and created Point Bahrain, where anyone is able to find what they are looking for from the thousands of listings available, shopping malls, cold stores to ATM machine locations. Our Founder saw how hard it was to get location based information in Bahrain, so he collaborated and created an online data center to provide everyone in Bahrain with the simplest of ways to finding out where something is.

Many have tried and are still trying to provide a directory type data center, the difference between Point Bahrain and others is that the data is not only sourced from our data mining team, but from real people who own businesses in Bahrain who are submitting location based information daily, we also have a dedicated team that makes sure that all information is up to date and correct.

We also present this location based information in the most simplest of ways to make it easier to the end user to get the information they are looking for, we also not only provide you as a user with location based information about businesses and places around bahrain, but also provide additional information such as amenities available within the location or business point, Restaurant Menus, Online Booking or Reservations and more, which no other directory available are providing.

Also we believe in using Industry standard location based data – GPS longitude & latitude as there is no need for addresses anymore with our current and future improving technologies. We now rely solely on accurate GPS data to ensure the location is exactly where you expect it to be.

Others have tried and failed in a lot of aspects, but we believe that we have got it right. As our motto says – “Keep It Simple”

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