If you own a Business or Establishment, Point Bahrain is the perfect place to list it. With thousands of visitors looking for specific businesses we guarantee that your business will get noticed, our visitor ratio is at an average of about 80/20 percentile of organic searches, referrals, direct & social media visitors, this proves that our listings are showing up on the front pages of various popular search engines available like Google, Yahoo & Bing.

We provide a user with the following information about your business:

  • Establishment Details & Information.
  • High Resolution Establishment  and/or Product Images.
  • GPS Coordinates & Driving Directions.
  • Opening Hours, Phone Number, Fax Number, Email Address & Web Address.
  • Amenities Available.
  • Customer Reviews & Comments.
  • SEO Optimized “Listing”: Title, Description & Keywords.

We provide SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for all listings, this ensures your listing will rank on top of others in search results through Google, Yahoo or Bing. A Listing that provides an optimized SEO Title, SEO Description and Keywords for search engines insures that the listing “speaks the same language” as its potential visitor base and will help connect searchers to your listing. These all guarantee that users will find your business and be able to get the information needed with ease.

Additional Services Based on available Packages

  • Featured Listing
  • Listing(s) Highlighted on our social media pages
  • Restaurant Menu
  • Online Booking or Reservations

We also feature your listing on our front page and prioritize your listing on our website searches and highlight it on other listings pages, we also give your listing a seal of approval so that its visible and trusted among our user base in a more prominent way in addition to highlighting your business on our social media accounts.

If you are still having second thoughts about our services or would like to get more information feel free to contact us and one of our representatives will insure your questions get answered.

Bab Al Bahrain