Citibanking is more than just banking. Its your relationship with Citibank, a relationship in which Citibank is committed to meeting all your banking needs under one roof. Citibanking introduces new and value added products and services like providing you with the facility of doing your banking over the phone or fax and giving you a “No Bounce” guarantee on your checks, allowing you access to cash and information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the comfort of our vestibule design Citicard Banking Center. It also meets your need for information by providing a summary as well as details of all your accounts with Citibank Bahrain on one consolidated monthly statement of account.

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  1. Iam not sure how they are able to serve customers with only one person at the teller service counter. Waiting time is ridiculous. I came today for the second tine since they were not able to serve me yesterday. I waited for around hour and a half for nothing. Unprofessional customer service due to lack of resources.

  2. Very poor customer service, they will keep you waiting on call for more than 30mins and still the cannot answer the call. For the record from 0800- 0850.

  3. Closed the account, thankfully!
    Good and bad customer service. The team in place are doing their best ( esp. Tahir Ahmed ) but the waiting area design is really bad… It feels like an open market . People waiting their turn and can hear your conversation with the customer service agent so your banking, contact details and all is heard by people who are waiting . Its not confidential conversation and people they can jump in your turn as if it’s an open market not an international bank.

    Customer can behave badly and the bank encourages/ allows this kind of disrespectful behavior toward its employees!
    I went waited for my turn and when It was my turn, some unhappy customer came while We talk and throw his paper at the employee and kept on shouting in front of everyone… not the kind of thing you want to see when you go to an international bank like Citibank.

    Then I went to the teller I was filling the forms still and my number came before I made it to the counter someone jumped in my turn without a number… like why all banks have this system of waiting your turn and only in this bank customers allow themselves to do such a behavior ? Where is the branch manager ? Is there a one? I didn’t see it like I do in NBB/ Ithmaar/ BBK.

    On top this Citi bank does not grant you access to your account internationally, not in Ireland, UK, US. So what is the point ?

    Great customer service team that is baring the abuse of unhappy and not educated customers.

    If you go and can’t avoid the bank make sure you set right next to the teller and not get busy with your phone/ filling form as people will set right next to the teller and jump in your turn if you don’t get up quickly enough.

    If you need to get a new card- good luck, it will take a while…

  4. One of the WORST banks I have ever encountered… The staff make you feel that you are their employee and not the other way around PLUS I can’t believe that their duty hours are ONLY 5 hours per day and they have FRIDAY & SATURDAY OFF!!!!!! Even ministries don’t have such working hours! How on earth would someone do any transaction or get services for only 5 hours a day … I wish that the US embassy gets another bank to make payments for the VISA

  5. Worst experience ever with Citi Bahrain. Not at par with Citi India, forget about US. Close my credit card within two months. Glad to move out from citi bahrain.

  6. Best customer service agent there is Adam Murad! He is enthusiastic and very accommodating! Thank you!

  7. Worst Customer Service. Sales agents are lairs, they do not give you full information.

    If you are requesting for settling CC/Loan, they even do not respond. They wanted the people to suffer any how to pay. If you talk about settling they don’t even respond.

    Planning to go out from CITI BANK and recommending everyone not to get stuck or enter with CITI BANK for any transaction.

  8. First Among Equals

    Mr. Adam Murad more than compensated for the failing of the four men (plus one female ) online supports that attended to my issue and concern regarding my account with you (March 10 – yesterday April 4, 2021). Mr. Murad gave me my peace of mind in a minute or two after sitting down with him.
    Way to go Adam, may your tribe prosper…

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