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EtonHouse has an interesting history. The idea of a quality international school in Singapore based on the British learning system is the brainchild of the founder Mrs Ng Gim Choo, when she accompanied her husband on assignment to London in the 1980s. In those days whilst living in London they had two young children, a girl aged 4 and a boy aged 2, living away from Singapore for the first time in their lives.

Quite naturally one of the primary concerns of the parents was to find a quality nursery and pre-school learning centre with a stimulating environment in which to place the two young children.

After careful consideration, a suitable school was identified. To the parents’ delight the children settled in far more quickly than expected.

After only a short period, it was very obvious that both children were extremely happy, mixing well with their new friends and stimulated by the various school activities. After a further period of monitoring their children’s progress, the parents were very much impressed by how much their children enjoyed going to school and excitedly talked about what they did at school.

Furthermore, the children were disappointed when the school holidays came round, preferring instead the learning activities and social interaction they had with their friends in school. The stimulus offered by the school, whether it was intellectual or social appeared far superior to that offered in Singapore at that time. It became quite obvious that the British Pre-School system had an appeal not currently available back home.

The founder was so impressed by the operation and management methods of that school in London that she decided she would consider establishing a similar school on returning to Singapore. Much research, care and planning was needed to create a similar learning environment and to offer the curriculum and learning approach of the British system. The business model for such a school was important but what was more critical was the enthusiasm, motivation and passion needed to be successful in attracting a discerning local and expatriate community.

In 1995, EtonHouse set up its first Pre-School at Broadrick Road in Singapore. The school was well received by parents. It gave so much pride and satisfaction to the owners, when parents came forward and told the school management that their children asked to go to school on weekends. It is also a matter of pride that Mrs. Ng’s daughter E-Ching who was the inspiration behind EtonHouse has obtained her PhD from the Yale University.

For more than two decades, parents have valued the high quality of research-based inquiry programme provided by EtonHouse. Building on continual support from parents together with its strong commitment to the pursuit of excellence and leadership in education services, EtonHouse has been expanding both locally and internationally. It now runs more than 100 schools in 12 countries across Singapore, China, India, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Myanmar, Kazakhstan and Middle East. With a sustained demand for high quality education, the group has plans to expand further across Asia and beyond.

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  1. I’m giving a 5 star because I loved everything about this school even though I’m not a teacher nor a parent, though I wish to be in the future. Staff members are fully qualified and most importantly, fully devoted to their profession. It’s great to see a place that’s so alive and different from any typical preschool. The teaching and learning is unique. The environment is unique. The staff are unique. I paid them a visit three times or so and I was given a tour every time. Every time, there’s something new to see. I recommend highly. 10/10.

  2. EtonHouse-Bahrain is one of the best European standard education providing pre-school. I recommend this because teachers so far have been amazing, and very caring to help my kids in life and school.

  3. It takes a big heart to shape little minds. The best preschool experience that you can give your child. What a wonderful team they have !!! A big salute to entire staff for giving children a wonderful start for their education. Would definitely recommend.

  4. Exciting philosophy of thinking about education in the 22nd century! Comprehensive International School…

  5. An amazing learning environment where the staff are all qualified caring professionals.The environment promotes sustainability and is eco friendly.Highly recommend it.

  6. My 2 year old daughter was going to Eton House and I must say it’s the best and most creative school that I have ever come across. I highly recommend this school to anyone. It’s completely different to any school that teaches children to use what is around them with imagination and creativity. Staff and overall surroundings is great. Definitely recommended this school over any other in Bahrain!!

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