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The perfect formula?

(Premium quality+Fair price)= Happy Customer

GLB’s ultimate goal is to serve premium quality products at the most reasonable prices possible. The company’s mission is to gain long term happy customers by maintaining fairness in price and high standards in produce freshness and quality. In order to do so, Gold Label Burgers has limited its margins to sustain fair retail pricing and gain market share. The GLB team is committed to monitoring quality and freshness of all produce to ensure all standards are met. Hence the ‘Happy’ formula!



We came…. we saw… we dropped the burger bomb…. Those are the words that best describe Gold Label Burgers launch in the market.

For a long while the founders of Gold Label Burgers aka GLB, wondered why it was that certain foods in the F&B industry had higher demand and selling point than many others. The list includes burgers, pizza, french fries and a few others. These thoughts drew the GLB team to study what the real secrets behind the ingredients were, and why they caused people to have such highly committed urges toward these foods. Soon after, the big discovery came to light and the founders decided to unveil the secret ‘ The fifth taste’ which is perfectly represented in the ‘UMAMI BAGA’ and several other GLB products.

10 reviews

  1. The worst service ever !!
    We replaced our order and than after half and hour the waiter came to our table saying sorry the order got deleted !!!! Really after half an our !!!!!
    The food is great but what happened is not ok !!
    At least offer us a discount for the time we had to wait for your mistake!!!!!!
    I am so made that they don’t even feel what they did is awful !

  2. Bad service 1 hour waiting time inside the restaurant and they got my order wrong

  3. I got the worst service from their resturant, they talked in a different language and I understand what they said they humiliated me with their words got so offended with their service and I send you emails about it but no replies for weeks….this would be my first and last visit to them totally not worth it 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

  4. Below standard, I ordered delivery and the packing was bad.. they placed the brisket cheese fries in the bottom and everything else on top!! Good advertising, below average burgers.. sorry to say

  5. مكان سيء جدا جدا لا ننصح به

  6. Great taste. Would recommend to give it a try. Kansas Brisket burger is a must have. Place is good, food presentation is brilliant.

  7. We have emailed you twice in the last 3 months, called you many times you never answer I’m tired. I’m going remove my review of your company.

  8. This is the same place as bucho’s but they got two menus. This one is for burgers. I highly recommend their gold label burger. It tastes really yummy and fresh.

  9. We visit and order from both Buchos and gold label twice a week, for a family of four, order would be 20 to 30bd each time, thought we would be considered as regular customers, unfortunately that’s not the case, staff are really rude, irresponsible and do not have the common sense in dealing with customers, its either they dont like working for this place or the owner gives them total freedom to run the place, 0 accountability, which is so disappointing since the food is good and could be better, a wrong delivered order is just wrong, and should be taken care of regardless, this is the problem with businesses in Bahrain they start up strong and then just neglect their establishments and leave it for expats to manage, after this bad experience I could not recommend this restaurant, their are plenty of other hard working restaurants welcoming our business.

    Update: November 2019

    The owner had since contacted us and offered a complementary meal, also assured us the employee responsible for this problem will be dealt with, I am very pleased by the owners reaction and his quick response to the issue, I wish him the best and will continue to order food from this place.

  10. I called two of your branches today to ask about the ingredients of your Keto bread, the first guy was clueless and the other said it was confidential. I only wanted to make sure that it didn’t have yeast nor wheat because I have an but autoimmune disorder but couldn’t get that information even from your website. Sadly a big fail for me because I’m allergic to these stuff and sadly you have zero information about your recipes ingredients and calories servings

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