As a restaurant, we’re proud to say we’re always committed to driving the best quality of both food and service to our customers. Without you, there would be no us. Therefore, we make it our mission to be the Jasmi’s you want. We are always dedicated to the innovation of preparing quality food and the quality of ingredients used in the process. We are constantly in research of building upon and improving our quality offered, and understanding what is good for you and your family as a family-oriented fast food chain.

This is why our food philosophy is this—Because Quality Matters.™

Our Choice of Chicken
Did you ever wonder why our renowned Chickee Chicken is not just the talk of town but also the talk of people beyond the borders, such as the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar and KSA?

The secret lies in the care we place in choosing quality chicken meat for you. We visit the ranches we deal with abroad ourselves to ensure the chicken we use are not injected with any form of antibiotics to speed up their metabolism. We also ensure the best of the best quality chicken for you so that you can experience the best chicken burger you’ll ever taste.

Our Beef Belief
Burgers are a crucial part of our menu, and we believe in providing a beef burger experience like no other. Some of our most iconic burgers are beef-based, such as the Big J and Special J. Our Ultimate Organic burger is a unique beef experience on its own! To keep it simple, we believe in sustainable beef production and ensuring it is served at the highest quality and taste.

Impressionable Ingredients
Our meals are known to leave an impression on anyone and everyone. The secret lies in the high-quality, impressionable ingredients we use. Our Quality Control team ensures each and every ingredient used in the preparation of our food is of unmatched quality.

​Our Breakfast Belief
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We truly believe in that. Therefore, we have concocted a special array of breakfast items to suit the different customer tastes. At t the same time, we ensure each breakfast meal is healthy and nutritious.

Certified Coffee
At Jasmi’s Coffee, we treat our beans in the right way. We know how important a coffee break is to our customers and so we accept only high-quality beans. The essence of our coffee is our 100% organic coffee beans, which are blended to perfection. We bring you the finest taste of coffee through every bean we roast and every cup of coffee we prepare.

Kids’ Meals
We at Jasmi’s believe in preparing the best meal options for children. Soft drinks are strictly not allowed to accompany our Kids’ meals. Instead, we offer either freshly squeezed orange juice – a great source of Vitamin C – or a choice of our packed juices. We are always on the lookout to introducing healthy side options.

Memorable Menu Meals
We are always in the mindset of creating memorable meals for you. This is why each of our burgers are someone’s lifelong favorite. It is also why we recently brought back the renowned Taco Raco almost two decades later, at the repeated request of Generation X and Baby Boomers, or in other words, the customers who saw the first years of Jasmi’s.

​In addition to the Taco Raco, our most recent menu additions are the Big J Chicken and the Chili Cheese Fries.

Nutritional Facts
We took the time to weigh each food item to provide you with the necessary nutrition information in order for you to make

informed eating decisions. For a breakdown of proteins, fat,

carbohydrates and calories intake, you can find our Nutritional Facts on our website.

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