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  1. Cheating Management… Absolutely unprofessional and lacking knowledge! Such companies should close down rather than being an insult to the Real Estate Industry.

  2. الوصول للمجمع مزعج…وسوبر ماركت التميمي صغير والاسعار اغلى من باقي البرادات

  3. Quite and boring

  4. The mall is spacious. It is still new and due to covid-19 lots of places are still not open. The design is magnificent and modern.
    + Playground
    + Ice skating rink still not open yet due to covid-19
    + An aquarium that spans three floors with divers show at certain times
    + Boulevard with an extended display screen in the ceiling
    + Coffee shops are available
    + parking spaces are available
    + wheelchair accessible parking is available
    + wheelchair accessible entrance is available
    + lifts are available
    + superheros figures exhibit that contain tens of famous characters that kids and adults would enjoy taking pictures of them.
    + waterway that contain canoes is still under construction. Pedestrian bridges are all around the waterway.
    Surely must revisit after all shops are open.

  5. Very crowded and doesn’t accommodate the number of visitors.. Two elevatos serving the entire mall doesn’t make any sense!!

  6. Bahrain’s newest shopping facility recently opened and it certainly looks like it’s going to be an impressive mall once it fills up and the canal area is finished. At the moment there are very few shops opened but the mall is a nice walk around away from the heat. They have ice shows running through the day so you can sit and watch dancing, stunts etc. I don’t know if the ice rink is open to the public yet but it should be a great attraction when it is.

    They have a large display of superheros and you can see the large cylinder fish tank which has a few fish in but no doubt will become better stocked as time goes by.

    There are a few coffee shops, ice cream vendors etc open so you can get a something to go and there is a large supermarket open also.

    There are plenty of hand sanitising stations around the place as well as reminders to maintain social distancing when watching the skating or looking at the exhibits etc. They also have a three person maximum rule for the elevators – this is causing a bit of delays at one of the entrances from the car park as lots of families had pushchairs.

    It may be a better idea to carry your pushchair up the escalators until this restriction is lifted. The waiting area for the lift is fully air conditioned but was pretty crowded with people waiting.

    Soon they will be opening up their climbing wall, play area which will be a nice addition for a Bahrain Mall. I’m not sure if the climbing area is finished yet or if harnesses, safety nets will be added but it looks pretty scary at the moment.

    Well worth a visit even before the shops are fully open. The huge digital display about the boulevard is really impressive.

    I can’t wait for it to be finished and the canal to be open and landscaped – should be a really nice mall.

  7. Absolutely amazing

    It was absolutely amazing, the ice skating rink was rlly fun and my brother loved the football pitch, the rock climbing was amazing, loved the courses, the aquarium is beautiful and I think that because of covid it isn’t as popular but once we don’t have covid anymore it should start gaining the attention it deserves. Hands off to all the architects and workers who helped creat this beautiful mall 👏.

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