Psychiatric Hospital

The Psychiatric Hospital shall work proactively to provide secondary and tertiary healthcare services to the residents of the Kingdom of Bahrain. We hope to do so by making the best use of our available resources and by promoting quality improvement initiatives and establishing guidelines in the organization. We also aim to increase awareness towards personal responsibility for health maintenance, in addition to functioning as a teaching and training Hospital.


  • Professional Ethics
    Expect all Psychiatric Hospital Staff to adhere to a professional code of ethics.
  • Equality
    Provide access to high-quality diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation services to all the citizens of the Kingdom of Bahrain equally.
  • Continuous quality improvement
    Promote the concept of quality improvement in the organization and coordinate such activities.
  • Communication
    Involve clients, both internal and external, in decision-making by opening up communication channels.
  • Staff empowerment
    Provide adequate training and promotion opportunities to Psychiatric Hospital Staff, based on their needs and perfomances repectively.
  • Multidisciplinary Team Functioning
    Ensure ease of operation with in multidisciplinary teams.
  • Decentralized Decision Making
    Establish accountability as an introduction to decentralization.
  • Value for Money
    Provide best value for money in terms of effective and efficient high-quality services with proper resource utilization.
  • Patient Focused Services
    Shift priorities to clients’ focus in high volume, high risk and problem-prone areas.
  • Personal Responsibility
    Encourage clients’ personal sense of responsibility towards their health by increasing awareness and health education.
  • Commitment to Strategic Direction
    Work in alignment with the MOH strategic plan.

1 review

  1. I am writing this review from an anonymous account. I was brought here by my abusive father because, after trying every possible action, we came to a point where I cut off social contact with him, as it felt there was nothing else I could do. It was better for my emotional health, and as there was no contact, there was no stress.

    My father took me to psychiatric emergency and told half-truths and exaggerated about my past (created a mental health issue which wasn’t there). I was misdiagnosed with schizophrenia and was given a cocktail of powerful psychiatric drugs (combination of 4 at high doses) and was repeatedly told that I had a mental health problem, when I didn’t have one. Eventually I believed everything what the psychiatrists were telling me about my mental health because I was repeatedly told on a regular basis.

    The abuse from the psychiatrists was unexpected. At first I didn’t understand why they were so keen on “helping” me, and why they got so angry and raised their voice when I said I had no mental health issue. I believe they were protecting their reputation, as they want to “solve” every “case” (not to have an unsolved case on their record under their name).

    The government has to stop this. I understand there are patients who genuinely need help, but involuntary admission as in my case was unnecessary. I lost 1 ½ month of time, and in this period had severe sleeping issues, very poor and unstable mental health and felt sick due to the side effects of the drug cocktail.

    Anyone reading this, consultant Dr. Alaa of ward 42 Gazali building was the one treating me. He has serious issues if you do get on his wrong side. Also has low ego and self-esteem issues. His team in general are dogmatic, judgmental and are not critical (low in independent reasoning). Feels like a group of holy clergymen, not medical professionals. Shame the government funds this.

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Capital Governorate, Manama
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