BSPCA Animal Welfare Center

Askar, Southern Governorate
BSPCA Animal Welfare Center
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Location : Askar
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  • Sunday :9am - 5pm
  • Monday :9am - 5pm
  • Tuesday :9am - 5pm
  • Wednesday :9am - 5pm
  • Thursday :9am - 5pm
  • Friday :9am - 1pm
  • Saturday :9am - 1pm

The BSPCA was established in 1979 by a small group of committed and passionate animal lovers. The Society was officially registered by the Bahrain Ministry of Labor as a humane, charitable, non-profit organisation dedicated to the welfare of animals.

The Society is run by a dedicated group of volunteers and receives no official funding whatsoever. The Society depends on the generosity of the public for its funds as well as monies generated by the Thrift Shop.

The BSPCA is an Affiliate Member of the RSPCA, which officially recognises our organisation and the work that it carries out. The Society does not receive funding from the RSPCA, nor any other animal welfare group.

Operating as a charity, it is regulated by the Ministry of Social Development under the auspices of the Non-Government Organisations department. It does not receive funding from the government.



What the BSPCA Can and Cannot Do

  • The Society will accept any animal that is handed in to the shelter and will make the appropriate decision as to its welfare and homeability.
  • The Society makes every effort to find a home for those animals that are suitable to adopt out.
  • The Society runs a Catch, Neuter, Vaccinate and Release programme for compound cats at a cost of BD15 for neutering a male cat and BD25 for the spaying of a female cat.  The cat must be brought to the shelter and collected when it is ready to be returned to it’s area.  The cat’s ear will be notched for identification purposes.
  • The Society does not board animals.
  • The Society regrettably does NOT have any authority to enforce the law against cruelty to animals.
  • The Society cannot confiscate an animal that is being mistreated; it can only speak to the owner and ask them if they will hand the animal over.  In some cases, people do not realise that they are ill-treating an animal by not feeding it properly or providing it with plenty of water, or by neglecting to groom it and in those cases we can only explain to them why their actions are negligent.  In clear cases of abuse, the BSPCA will report such cases to the police.
  • We do not treat sick pets and return them to their owner after treatment.
  • We cannot pick up an animal if it is not contained, unless in an emergency e.g. dog been hit by a car.  If unsure call to check.
  • The society rents out cat and dog traps for a daily fee and a refundable deposit so that the public can catch them and bring them to us.
  • We do not give out any information on an animal once it has been handed over.
  • We will not return the animal to the person who handed it in.
  • We do accept all donations, including pet food, money, Thrift Shop items etc.
  • The Society does not accept animals dropped off at the Thrift Shop.
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