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  1. They make Non arabic guyz sit for hours and arabic guys finish their work in minute. Truly disappointed

  2. Went to transfer ownership of my car. Timings are from 7 to 2:30 apparently but the lazy fellas close the counter by 1 pm!! Expect no answers, pure racism and extremely rude behavior from the creatures who work there.

  3. Their operations starts at 7am. I visited this place to convert my UAE driving license into Bahrain. According to my experience, it was about 30mins process. You should carry 1. Passport size size Photograph 2. Existing driving license copy 3. Originals of existing license, passport and CPR.

    Please note there no photo copy services available.

    You have to fill up an application and complete your eye test, which are available here

  4. Excellent service. Good response.

  5. The worst place for transfer ownership. The behavior of staff with expats so rude, I went to transfer car and the paper in the token printing machine was finished and I spoke to almost 7-8 employees in the counters but they dont want to listen, they busy in Facebook and ask to wait just busy in phone and talking to each other they want to replace expats . The even doesn’t know work manners and no respect for expats. Very disappointing and humiliated bahavior. We expats work hard no one can do hard work like us.

  6. Driving license renewal for over 60 years old
    Note – no online service available for over 60 years, since Eye test is required before renewal.
    Steps to be followed for renewal:
    1. Ensure you have a photograph and your existing Driving license with you before visiting the Directorate. Also carry your passport if RP is required to be shown
    2. Visiting time 7 am to 3 pm during Sunday to Thursday. Located in the Driving School Ali and not the one in Isa Town.
    3. Collect the renewal form from the reception as well as your waiting token number from the reception (you can also download the app for obtaining the queue number). It will be in XR series
    4. On your turn submit the form along with the passport size photo and your existing driving license with BD 5 (all cards accepted) for Eye test. This counter will issue another EY series number for eye test, generally in room #21.
    5. Don’t discard this EY token as the same token number will be called for processing the renewed license if you pass the eye test. Eye test official will stamp the form indicating that you have passed the Eye test.
    6. Next wait for the same EY token number to be called in the monitor.
    6. When your turn comes, submit the eye test pass approval stamp and Pay BD 12 for the renewal.
    7. Collect the renewed Driving License and do a quick check that the address details and expiry is correctly mentioned.
    8. Congratulations your driving license is renewed.

    Note – I received the first token around 7:20 am and received the renewed license at 8:30 AM. So plan accordingly

  7. Now a days, they are getting faster. You can book your tokens online using Skiplino application. It works very good. Almost services are now available online. So now the rush is lesser than before. 90% of the staffs are lazy and rude to noon Arabic expats. Even they are sitting doing nothing, they will not help you. Hope the government or responsible ministry will do something to get them work. Even Bahraini people are complaining about this office staffs.

  8. Very Bad & Unorganised

    Last 03 days we are trying to go for the Traffic Inspection , waited for over 02 hours ..till it was unbearable to sit in the car with the heat and almost suffer sun stroke. There is no separate line for senior nor ladies .. or atleast have an online appointment system like others

    Unfortunately we did not know our car requires inspection as we were told for 05 years we could do it online for new cars , however since the car is of 2016 model , they consider 2020 as last online passing and we have to get the inspection done

    Seriously , something should be done to improve this service .

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