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At IKEA, we know your home is more than just furniture. It is where your day begins and ends. It is a place where everyday moments become special – where dreams become a reality.
IKEA home furnishing is beautiful, functional and affordable. Every product we create is our way of making your home a better, more comfortable place. We offer solutions for everyday life from furniture to furnishings, all under one roof.

A culture of hearts
The IKEA culture is hard to describe but easy to embrace. It’s a culture of enthusiasm, togetherness and willpower, born from our roots in southern Sweden and inspired by the IKEA founder, Ingvar Kamprad.
The IKEA culture humbly unites us in our work to create a better everyday life for the many people. It’s not an easy task – and maybe that’s why we and all other IKEA coworkers are so dedicated.

24 reviews

  1. Most incompetent staff in all the IKEA’s I’ve ever visited , visual merchandising does not reflect the brands quality standard . I would advise to shop from Dubai as it’s the closest and their staff goes above and beyond to ensure that you get what you pay for . Extremely disappointed Bahrain .

  2. The sales are fake, way too overpriced and only after 50% off do they really match the prices worldwide. For Bahrain, it’s not a bad deal, but just be careful with what you’re buying. It’s a nice experience nonetheless.

  3. Very bad after sales service and they don’t fulfill their promises! So unprofessional in Bahrain and so disappointing

  4. The play area has a weird restriction based on height as opposed to age … Plus play area staff seemed disinterested in showing any empathy to kids

  5. Ikea customer service agents don’t give two Sh**’s and provide false promises. If they tell you they will call you back please don’t hold your breath. After customer service informed us that we will get a call back in an hour, we called back 7 times with each agent brushing us off and telling us they will call us back.

    Ikea delivery, same thing false promises. Scheduled delivery / instalation of a kitchen, where they didn’t show up for initial scheduled delivery date and they had to rescuedule 3 additional times over a period of two weeks.

    Finally kitchen delivered and installed with damaged parts, where we had to reschedule again to fit the new pieces. They missed the scheduled date again.

    I Had to take off work 4 times to let them in and install and still waiting for the parts.

  6. By far one of the worst experiences I had with any costumer service. I called about a delivery and found out it is cancelled due to 2 out of stock shelves (which I was guaranteed was in stock though I could not find it in the self-service area). I asked for items to be delivered without the shelves and was told that the truck left already and they will call me and let me know if they can deliver it today or tomorrow at max. 40 minutes later, no call back. Called again, was told they will call back. An hour later, no call back. Called again and was told that costumer service doesn’t handle delivery issue (why route delivery issues calls to them then?). I was told I will be contacted by the delivery team and no calls yet, of course.

  7. Me and my husband buy some stuff in IKEA and we wanted to delivered by IKEA. It takes almost 3 weeks but they don’t deliver. We always call to complain but the management doesn’t do anything!
    I’m the person who always concern about the service.
    So i can tell from my experience IKEA service is SUPER BAD!!
    I can’t believe this happens with such a big company like IKEA!

  8. Poor customer care team and always failed to deliver on committed time. Arrogant and self centric customer care and installation team from flow. Worst place to do shopping. Arrogance of team is on tip of their noses

  9. The worst customer service I’ve ever experienced, I bought a coffee table as I went down to the stores to check the availability of the product & it was available. The next day I’ve received a phone call telling me that the product I’ve purchased is not available!!!! And I have to wait three weeks for the product to be available again, knowing that I’ve already paid for the product and it’s supposed to be booked for me since I’ve paid for it!!!!!, after 4 days I went to the same store to do some shopping BUT I was shocked that the product was available!!!!!!!! Is this the right way to treat your customers?, I will never visit your store again.

  10. Bad experience.

    Very confusing with tedious extra-hectic purchasing procedures. Scarse staff , feeling like lost. Unencouraging prices. Not to mention the twinning winding way to get to it.

    Expect bankrupcyof this military designed fortress soon.

  11. They have nice things but there delivery system is too bad

  12. Comment regarding staff at the restaurant: I was attending dinner buffet, asked cashier if I can use my own cup for tea, she said it’s OK. So when I used my mug for hot water, employee (philipino nationality) who was cleaning machines, asked me rudely if I paid for the tea!! I said yes I did. She said it is not allowed to use any other cup. I said cashier allowed me, that’s why I did. She took me to cashier (as if I was liar and a thief, stealing water) and asked her if I paid for the tea and If she allowed to use other cup (it was disgusting feeling, really), cashier was acting as if she is half asleep… Saying not yes, not no… The philipino employee still was talking rude to me and raising voice… The mood for having buffet was absolutely spoiled.. Won’t be back there again!!

  13. Worst customer service. And worst delivery & assembly service. Don’t even think about designing anything with them (closets, tv units, kitchens) they are the worst.

  14. Not good at all! I would rather to go to Sweden and buy some furnitures. >:(

  15. By far t he worst IKEA experience anywhere in the world, the showroom is badly organised with half the items missing prices, some of the staff are unfriendly and they seem to be more interested in talking to each other than in helping customers. Very disappointing

  16. Labyrinth place. Nothing interesting. Chinese products for Rolex prices.
    Playground kids area is dedicated to kids above 1.2m. Which is stupid

  17. I love ikea ! but sorry Bahrain team the worst shopping experience

  18. everything was on stock in the website but when I went there they were out of stock

  19. I did not like the people co operation at billing counter& the way deal with customers not at all professional.

  20. The best home improvement store in the world, really loved the shopping experience, would recommend place!!!

  21. Fantastic modern furniture and interior decoration shops, it great to create your own design by collecting your need piece by piece and ofcourse they provide a designer’s assistant when you need. Its the best in the field.

  22. My time at IKEA was really bad. Prices are over, so over. Staff are always either in super hurry or they are no where to be seen, spent 30mins in workspace section waiting for a staff and approached 3 other departments staffs asking them to help us but they couldn’t. Would definitely NOT visit again. The best thing in it is their ice cream, which is super good. I will visit again once they change in from ‘IKEA’ to ‘IKEA ice cream shop.’

    It has been 3 weeks and I never received my order. I called them a MILLION times. I’ve been made to believe that they would deliver last week and then this week again. The worst customer service experience I’ve had so far. The agents often told me they would call me again to give an update but they never did. They told me the date of delivery, but NO items were delivered up until now.

  24. bad service

    Ikea bahrain cancelled two times of delivery and assembly of my stuff while I already paid assembly charges and waiting for my order

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