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In 2019, the first and only one its kind destinations in Bahrain, Solymar Beach was created in an effort to amalgamate all the charisma and appeal of the fascinating island Kingdom in a venue that would eventually redefine opulent beach life. A restaurant that serves hearty dishes; a beach bar where the parties seem to emerge from the waves; an establishment that never seizes to improve.

Be a part of our story as you bask under the golden rays on our sun-beds and let the cool breeze and the soothing sounds of the waves kissing the shores relax you.

An ode to comfort and luxury, Solymar is a spacious yet private venue that allows you to soak in the perfect environment that is nothing short of a charming getaway right on the coast of Bahrain.

48 reviews

  1. Задумка хорошая – пляж с хорошим сервисом!

    Чистые переодевали, есть где принять душ, но надо предупреждать туристов, что посещение пляжа стоит на одного человека 10 дирхам в будет и и 15 в выходной. Для будней это 1750 р. на одного человека.

    Воду с собой пронести нельзя. Пляж невероятно мелкий! Для детей есть скидка – до 12 лет 50 процентов, для совсем маленьких бесплатно. Дорогие отели в Бахрейне имеют свои пляжи, а туристы в экономном варианте получают мелкий, оборудованный пляж на котором можно расслабиться с бокалом платного дорогого алкоголя, за достаточно дорогую цену. Решайте сами. Я бы обязательно рекомендовала этот пляж, но … когда около буйков по пояс. …

    Платим тут за приватность и высокий сервис. Если поплавать, то это не сюда.

  2. Great new beach club in Bahrain. Gets lively on weekends. Weekday entry BHD 10 and beers are BHD 3.5. You get a towel on entry. Good place to unwind during the day.

  3. Rode management and over price place !

  4. Too loud music, annoying spotlights.. however it’s good to be next to the sea. The worst thing is the face control at the entry, they don’t accept the lonely man mostly!

  5. Over priced due to entry without good offers
    Nice staff
    Beautiful area and clean
    Nice beach

  6. Looks like a nice beach…has just opened 2 months back

  7. False advertisement. 2 box wines and a punch is not an open bar. Russian music 80% of the time and the count down was done with the Russian Anthem (not racist, but 🙄). What a way to enter the next decade. Beautiful venue but honestly bad management. No wonder it has never done well from the beginning, and still wont. Exclusive lifestle rip off beach club!

  8. The barman kept “forgetting” to put any alcohol in our FREE ladies night cocktails! They were just overloaded with sugar instead. 👎

  9. The new beach area is very nice

  10. ساحل مرينا في جزر امواج .. جميل اذا كانت اجواء الشتاء

  11. Good venue to relax and enjoy the beach, yet the management struggled to outstanding since the beginning of their soft opening.

  12. Wish I could give this place zero stars. The manager and owner of this establishment has absolutely no customer service. As an individual with a medical condition I was refused entry because I wanted to bring in my bottle of WATER. Because of my race (western) I was assumed that I would be bringing in alcohol even before they checked my bags! Which by the way, I did not have any alcohol even with me because of my condition. Before being refused, I had proceeded to return to my car to return my WATER bottles and he came up and just said as the manager I have a right to refuse entry and will be doing so as you will cause more hassle for me inside. I was shocked. From the word go he was aggressive, rude and assumed that I would cause trouble. Do not go here if you want your day to be ruined and treated so disrespectfully. I can not believe this happened over a bottle of water, a basic human need!

  13. Rude management and staff, over priced , selective entries! Yes !!! It’s that bad and even worst due to management

  14. مكان حقير و فاضي و غالي لايمكن إدخال أكل ولاشرب وكل شي وماعملتهم حقيرة و بعد ساعة 6 يغطون هواتف عندهم غالي مايستاهل حتى بي دخول مجانا , Despicable, empty and expensive place. You cannot enter food or drink and everything they have is expensive and musk your phone after 6 Pm

  15. مكان حقير لايصلح لا إستمتاع لي يشتغلون فيه معاملة دون مستوى واكل غالي وقديم لايستحق حتى بي دخول مجانا اسوء يوم في حياتي

  16. It’s very bad place .bad service very expensive +the personnel very rude and bad attitude by professional at all and I will never recommend to any body

  17. Do not go here!

    Worst place ever. Terrible service and disrespectful staff! Security was so bad and would lie to customers!

  18. This place does not respect veiled women and prevents them from entering. They have no right to do so, and this is the case in the Kingdom of Bahrain!!

  19. مع الأسف توقعت المكان احسن من جذي من قبل سمعت وايد كلام عنهم قلت بجرب وبحكم وفعلا من حقها الناس تزعل يعني اول شي يوقفون برع في الحر والموظفة تفتش لشناط من كستمر لي كستمر بنفس القفاز يودت الفوط وكل شي شنو هالتخلف السكيورتي أفريقي قليل ادب ويصرخ علينا احنا قروب ٤ بنات يايين مع بعض يقولنا خلو مسافة بينكم مينون الحمدلله والشكر وحذف القلم علينا نكتب ورقة معلومات كل وحده منا تكتب معلوماتها بعد برع في الشمس حتى مظله مب حاطين عندي كوفي من ستار بوكس تقولي قطيه مايصير تدخلين فيه شفيهم ذلين اسعارهم غالية حدها والجو لوعة والأغاني تافه ماقدرنا نقعد صراحة طاقة سلبية في المكان طلعنا ورحنا مكان ثاني ترا اهم شي المعاملة البحور تارسه الديرة يالعنصريين حتى مديرهم ماعنده اسلوب لما كلمناه قال اذا مب عاجبكم طلعو وقح الحين عرفت ليش لبنيه الي كانت ناشره بوست عنهم طنقرت وطلعت من وقاحتهم مستفزين وكفاية الي انكتب عنكم في الجريدة عبالهم شركة طيران الكراسي الي عند البحر الي جدام ب ٢٥ والي ورا ب ٢٠ كله همهم لفلوس ترا كل الناس تفتح بزنز عشان تربح بس مب جذي

  20. I hope this place will be closed and replaced with a fish market 🤣🤣🤣

  21. Very bad place

  22. The place is amazing but the service not.

  23. I regret coming! The hospitality is zero and i paid more than 150$ and the staff with host kept me ignored! So sad visit such a place

  24. The owner of this place is so rude. Not welcoming at all. He came to our table and threatened to kick us out. And they advertised “Buy 1 get 2 free” but we went there they said “it was a mistake”.

  25. The owner/manager was very rude and harassed us. Only go if you want to get yelled at and ridiculed.

  26. Avoid!!!

    Service is very poor, waiter does not know the menu at all, a simple order required the waiter to go check with someone multiple times.

    Also the bill prices did not match menu prices, for some reason neither the waiter or the manager seemed to know how VAT is calculated, their excuse for a bill price that is different from the menu price is the product used is different and of higher quality…

    I was also surprised to find a fully intact glass cup thrown haphazardly in the kids play area, just shows the upkeep of the place is nil, otherwise they would have noticed and picked it up during the day.

    Avoid this place at all cost!

  27. Racism, sexism

    Shame on you, I have called you a day before to make a reservation and ask about the entrance fee and you said no reservation then when i have arrived with my friends you were asking about reservation and then you said that your policy only couples or mixed group.

    ( how I supposed to know that, if you didn’t write your policy on your website and your instagram and you didn’t inform me when i have called )

  28. It’s overpriced and seats are uncomfortable. To order you need to order by yourself and the food is horrible. Their beach looks greenish and the only good thing about solymar is the overall design of the place.

    Additional to that, they also do a lot of unethical activity to their employees. I have a friend who came far away from her home country to work with solymar. The surprise that they deduct the ticket from her salary, didn’t convert her visit visa to resident visa and let her overstay till she become blacklisted in Bahrain. This is only one case that I had witness personally but I heard that this business is famous with this kind of unethical act.

  29. 2019-Best beach
    Me and my kid love it,
    Staff are super friendly and nice
    I will always keep going every chance we get

    Update in 2021🤓
    They upgraded and added fans for bahrain summer!!guess. What
    Only if u pay upgraded beds/to me this is a downside as this is basic service not an upgrade!! For premimum bed !
    Seriously basic fans!!!
    Taking back my 5 stars from 2019

  30. 29.9.2021, the b*tch at reception is not raised and have no manners, let alone customer service skills. Rude staff and bad vibes, do not waste your money. I regret lowering my standards and dealing with such people, never ever going again. This place is way below the standard to be in Bahrain, it belongs somewhere cheaper like where they all came from…

  31. The owner and the manager of this place are so rude. Also they didn’t let us to enter the beach! Only couples or mixed groups! they didn’t mention the policy on Instagram! Some people come out of Bahrain! You have to mention that, and please show some respect to your customer.

  32. The ratings in google are not encouraging. I came to visit just out of curiosity. They did not allow me in! They say “couples only”. Come on guys, its just a beach. I have been to many beach parties ALONE in Bahrain, and never denied entry. What makes you special?

  33. Hated the service here mahi was super rude she made the experience awful and ruined our day won’t be coming back because of how bad she treated us as a receptionist she should be friendly and know how to talk to people!

  34. I think the managers need to re evaluate the service before they lose more business. I went with a big group of guys and girls and unfortunately we couldn’t all arrive at the same time and one of the girls who gives bracelets and charges the entrance fee, gave me and my girlfriends such a hard time about my guy friend not arriving at the same time as the girls. They kept questioning how many girls were in my group. I asked to speak to a manager because we definitely had enough girls in our group. They finally said “it’s ok ‘ After that inside the club you have to get in a long line to order a beverage. Then they print out a drink request slip that you then have to find a bartender to give. The whole process takes forever. Then me and the girls I was with kept getting asked to move from the bar area, but we had to keep explaining that we were waiting on our drinks still. I will not be coming back and will definitely be warning other Americans not to waste time coming here

  35. Misleaded information such as free entries got us into this place and was only allowing permissions to individuals depending upon their race is an absolute discrimination. Apparently, the place was “full” according to the staff who were in-charge of handing out the pass but turns out if you’re a fair skinned person, you’ve a place. I personally witnessed a couple entering the place when me & my friends were standing in-front of the counter. When my friend confronted the lady who was handling the entry didn’t even bothered to reply but walked away in negligence. Also during this period of time itself, I saw a crowd leaving however, the premises remained fully packed! I confronted a gentlefolk who was working in the place but that person dismissed the place being full and had confirmed to me that there are vacancies in the place to occupy us.
    These kind of behaviors & lies are totally unacceptable. I am completely disappointed by the actions of the Solymar Staff and I certainly will not recommend this place to anyone unless your skin is white.

  36. Although we had a terrible new year Eve, waiting under the rain for over an hour due to unorganized night, Solymar team finally let’s in and when we asked for our table, we were informed that our names weren’t on the list. At the same moment, the person who was in charge was communicated. We were asked to send a message requesting a refund for that bad experience night cuz no tables available anymore plus our name was not in there list.
    Since that night, I have been contacting Solymar almost every day and shared the payment receipt. They said we are working on it “the refund” however, I haven’t gotten anything since then but only negative outcome.

  37. Very bad, moody and rude management. One day they let you in and the other day they don’t let you in depending how much a woman shows her skin. When you call and ask the manager for an explanation he just hung up the line.

    They also refused entering my Kenyan friend without any valid reason which is racist.

    Over priced menu.
    Zero customer service. And dj repeating the same songs every weekend.

    Setting is nice though.

  38. Strictly no Abaya policy, you cannot even enter if in Abaya. Strange policy and rude behavior.

  39. To be honest, it’s very rude environment even though the place is amazing. Very racist staff and the manager told us to leave if we don’t like the place. I don’t recommend it to Anybody!!

  40. Honestly the owner was very rude and disrespectful she treated us in a bad behavior…the rules they have are unexplainable and racist..this will be the first and last time I will ever bring my business to this place…they need a professional manger and to run this place..shame on you guys👎🏼👎🏼

  41. great environment , staff are amazing . Had a great time from my last visit😍😍

  42. Worst experience ever! I’ve never been mistreated in Bahrain as much as I have today! I was there with a couple of friends (mixed group) since their Instagram account says only mixed groups and couples are allowed. However, we were stopped at the gate because our male/female ratio was not 1:1. Can you imagine?! I’ve been to tons of beaches all around the world and never been stopped because of my gender!

    The rude receptionist literally asked us to get a random lady to make us a group of mixed couples! Was she asking us to get an escort? Maybe! Shame on you Solymar, shame on you!

  43. Avoid

    Absolutely disgusting experience at this place. Arrived after calling ahead to discuss dress code / entrance free. Arrived with a friend (also male) expecting to spend a significant sum despite the overpriced 20 BHD (£40) cover. Approached entrance smiling and friendly, looking forward to a pleasant evening but was met by an extremely rude manager who started shouting “no single men allowed!” (Could she have been speaking to us?!) she vanished whilst a crowd formed, and we decided to take our business elsewhere.

    Absolutely shocking attitude by a very rude disgraceful management. This place needs to close asap!! Do Not Recommend!

  44. Worst ever

    Racist, Rude management and staff, over priced.
    Watch out for the selective entries!
    Hoping theya re going to close soon!!!

  45. Worst experience you can put ur self through!!!!

    Worst experience ever, wish there was a lower rating. Food was average at best and am being kind here. The manger and staff will astonish you with their disrespect. Truly a benchmark of a bad experience. Can’t get any worse guys. Good luck love you !!

  46. Dont ever go

    NOT RECOMMENDED!! I had the worst experience at Solymar. It is not fair that people were not allowed in because of their relationship status or gender. This type of discrimination should not be tolerated and it is important to speak up and raise awareness about it. There are better beaches, that welcome everyone regardless of their relationship status or gender, and not surprisingly the place was empty and the service is a disappointment honestly.

  47. Cool 😎

  48. Thank you I will visit again soon

    Perfect place, perfect food with very nice music and singer.. very good service from the other staff especially Sam!!

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