Solymar Beach

An Inspiring Seaside Experience

Our Story
In 2019, the first and only one its kind destinations in Bahrain, Solymar Beach was created in an effort to amalgamate all the charisma and appeal of the fascinating island Kingdom in a venue that would eventually redefine opulent beach life. A restaurant that serves hearty dishes; a beach bar where the parties seem to emerge from the waves; an establishment that never seizes to improve.

Be a part of our story as you bask under the golden rays on our sun-beds and let the cool breeze and the soothing sounds of the waves kissing the shores relax you.

An ode to comfort and luxury, Solymar is a spacious yet private venue that allows you to soak in the perfect environment that is nothing short of a charming getaway right on the coast of Bahrain.

11 reviews

  1. Задумка хорошая – пляж с хорошим сервисом!

    Чистые переодевали, есть где принять душ, но надо предупреждать туристов, что посещение пляжа стоит на одного человека 10 дирхам в будет и и 15 в выходной. Для будней это 1750 р. на одного человека.

    Воду с собой пронести нельзя. Пляж невероятно мелкий! Для детей есть скидка – до 12 лет 50 процентов, для совсем маленьких бесплатно. Дорогие отели в Бахрейне имеют свои пляжи, а туристы в экономном варианте получают мелкий, оборудованный пляж на котором можно расслабиться с бокалом платного дорогого алкоголя, за достаточно дорогую цену. Решайте сами. Я бы обязательно рекомендовала этот пляж, но … когда около буйков по пояс. …

    Платим тут за приватность и высокий сервис. Если поплавать, то это не сюда.

  2. Great new beach club in Bahrain. Gets lively on weekends. Weekday entry BHD 10 and beers are BHD 3.5. You get a towel on entry. Good place to unwind during the day.

  3. Rode management and over price place !

  4. Too loud music, annoying spotlights.. however it’s good to be next to the sea. The worst thing is the face control at the entry, they don’t accept the lonely man mostly!

  5. Over priced due to entry without good offers
    Nice staff
    Beautiful area and clean
    Nice beach

  6. Looks like a nice beach…has just opened 2 months back

  7. False advertisement. 2 box wines and a punch is not an open bar. Russian music 80% of the time and the count down was done with the Russian Anthem (not racist, but 🙄). What a way to enter the next decade. Beautiful venue but honestly bad management. No wonder it has never done well from the beginning, and still wont. Exclusive lifestle rip off beach club!

  8. The barman kept “forgetting” to put any alcohol in our FREE ladies night cocktails! They were just overloaded with sugar instead. 👎

  9. The new beach area is very nice

  10. ساحل مرينا في جزر امواج .. جميل اذا كانت اجواء الشتاء

  11. Good venue to relax and enjoy the beach, yet the management struggled to outstanding since the beginning of their soft opening.

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