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  1. No one answers the landline number. You should contact the manager directly You can contact him if you get no support at 33333316. His name is bader. I got my issue resolved prett6 quickly

  2. One of the WORST courier Companies in Bahrain ! Poorest Service in terms of Delivery , Customer Support . They never pick the call on Customer Service Number . I Dont know whats wrong with these People ! The Delivery People are dumbest and stupied.. They dont understand what the customer is informing them and they cant even handle the information provided to them ! Personally I want to give them a beat down which they truely deserve ! I hope these cheap people should be fired from the Job ! STUPIED Fellas !

  3. since morning i call this company the customer service answer me. and give the number of the delivery person when i contact that delivery person he told me his company give the wrong details. and i call the UPS Bahrain but no one answer my and after an hour some one answer she said our package will deliver today. but it’s almost 3 of the afternoon until now our package we did not receive. what kind of service that they have all is stupid person never give any good response to their customer.

  4. Worst courier in Bahrain. Not to be trusted. Completely lost and lazy! They do their best to avoid you. They take forever to clear a shipment. Do not use them at all!

  5. delayed work shipment and no one answers the phone. useless company.

  6. Never answers the phone. Package arrived to bahrain 1 week back they are not delivering. Horrible customer service. They seem to be avoiding my calls now. Lazy and incompetent

  7. Very bad service, why they are not shutting their bussiness when they cant run it. My parcel is arrived one week earlier still no body has contacted me and im keep tracking online but from UPS side no one has contacted me yet and when i call them, daily they say its out for delivery. If you cant deliver than give me call i will pick from your head office.

  8. Had to go all the way to their office to pick up my package because they are to lazy to ring a door bell

  9. Oh this is indeed a terrible business, I called to tell them they have missed a delivery and they simply didn’t know what to do. A curt person said call me tomorrow, (No time or anything) and Hung Up !! I mean this is a service I have paid for why are they acting like I owe them something? It’s a shame to the UPS of USA and nothing even close to it! I suggest they simply close the company down if they don’t know how to run it 🙁 . I am still waiting for a package to get to me within Bahrain while it flew through 5 international cities in just 2 days. Its no better than the unregistered china mail I could use for free

  10. The worst company I have ever seen in my life, Warning: your package will stay forever with them and they never answer phone calls, shame on you UPS, this branch have to be shutting down.

  11. I didn’t even get a notice or anything about my delivery! All I got was a missed call from an unknown number, that I tried to call back but didn’t get a response. I only found out about the “attempted delivery” by Amazon, not from UPS.

  12. It is amazing the number of negatives comments I have read on UPS Bahrain!! I have just started my own bitter experience. Ntt a very good start either…Trying to inquire about my shipment. No one picks up the phone. 9 minutes of continuous ringing with no life in sight!!!

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