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Who We Are
Aramex has rapidly grown into a global brand, recognized for its customized services and innovative products. Listed on the Dubai Financial Market (DFM) and based in the UAE, Aramex is centrally located at the crossroads between East and West, which allows us to provide customized logistics solutions anywhere in the world effectively and reach more businesses and consumers regionally and globally.

We are committed to continually enhancing our operations across the region while pursuing opportunities for business growth in emerging markets abroad. This approach is core to the sustainable development of our business and commitment to facilitating wider, global trade in an ever-changing world.

What We Do
We have successfully introduced market leading express delivery and logistics services to the Middle East and other emerging economies. As a leading global provider of comprehensive logistics and transportation solutions, our breadth of services include express courier delivery, freight forwarding, logistics, supply chain management, e-commerce and record management services.

How We Do It
Our unique, asset-light business model underlies all of the strategic decisions we make. It has proved highly successful, allowing Aramex to swiftly adapt to challenging market conditions, execute last-mile delivery solutions and quickly respond to changing customer preferences.

Innovation in technology is critical to maintaining our asset-light business model and leveraging the Aramex global network. Instead of investing heavily in infrastructure, we acquire or partner with domestic-focused logistics companies that have strong local networks, knowledge and transportation solutions already in place for efficient and effective last-mile delivery. This approach has proven to have significant benefits for both our business and customers and why we consider ourselves a technology enterprise, selling transportation and logistics solutions without being encumbered by heavy investments in assets. We also believe that investing in and sourcing new technologies in the field of e-commerce in particular is core to a swifter, more efficient movement of goods and services globally and maintaining our market leadership position.

We also recognize that to continue to grow a truly sustainable business we must serve and develop the markets and communities where we operate. Our “Delivering Good” sustainability platform is active in over 180 educational, social and environmental projects worldwide and we have partnered with a number of international and local organizations devoted to similar causes. We are proud of the close ties we have with the communities where we operate and the contributions we have made to their sustainable economic development.

2 reviews

  1. Very disappointing - Bad Aramex

    One of the worse services ever in GCC. I’m not being emotional but over the past 5 years I will write to you the bad experience through the app and the landline service and the delivery bad experience.

    1- on 13/5/24 the guy came to our home, called us from a landline (I repeat – he is next to our home and calling from a LANDLINE) not a mobile phone – and I told him to wait- in less than 10 minutes he disappeared without recalling and without leaving a note.
    Time 11:58 he called and I asked him to wait
    Got down for him near the door
    Time 12:08 he is not there

    Why can’t you call before 10 minutes of arriving so we prepare. Do you expect that we are super heros coming from an upper flat in 1 minute turbo?

    This guy was very very bad- how can you not call or message from your mobile or WhatsApp or whatever so we can track.

    2- The landline that they call from has no human interaction at all – 0 humans are available. When you call it’s a robot asking you in loops to put the tracking numbers and then redirect you to reship or come and pick it up from the store location.

    So bad

    3- A couple of year ago, and again because there is no human interaction – and it’s all though the App and the automatic landline number – and without anyone calling to say that he’s coming – and without checking the ID – the delivery man delivered my big shipment to a house in the neighborhood who had the same first name – and they just signed off as received !!! I tried contacting landline a robot responds – I wrote emails and messages and no one picked up, until through LinkedIn I reached a regional manager who interfered and asked them to pick up my shipment from the wrong house to my house with the box being opened.

    Very bad experience

    4- in all interactions which is once a year with aramex, and that is forcefully by the banks which deal with them, they never inform you about the time they come – not even a missed call, they just sign you as not available – failed delivery attempt – which makes you call again to the robot to beg for redelivery.

    5- the app doesn’t allow you to speak to the delivery guy

    6- the app doesn’t allow you to specify the exact time

    7- the app doesn’t allow you to see and track live like the food delivery apps

    I don’t recommend aramex at all
    Bad app
    Bad landline
    Bad website
    Worst service every

  2. Bad service

    The worst I lost my monry from returned product the shippment was on hold in thier branch in Bahrain. and the worst side is I called thier usless call center who kept promissing that the concerned Dept will call. but till now no respone and I dnt know where is my package.

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