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Initiated by His Highness Crown Prince Shaikh Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Honorary President of the Bahrain Motor Federation, and opened in 2004, the Bahrain International Circuit (BIC) hosts the annual Bahrain Grand Prix, a round of the FIA Formula One World Championship. This makes it a key part of the sport’s elite.

But it was always intended that the circuit would be more than just a part of the top echelons of world motorsport, although this is of course a huge honour. It has always been our ambition to be the ‘home of motorsports in the Middle East’ due to our friendly, community atmosphere, our promotion of national championships and fostering of a wide variety of motorsports from local series, to drag racing and karting.

BIC’s ability to run two — of our seven! — tracks simultaneously, our international standard drag strip, our desert obstacle course for 4x4s, and our track days for bikes and cars have introduced the thrills of motorsport to thousands of competitors – some as young as nine – and to hundreds of thousands of fans.The track, designed by Hermann Tilke, cost approximately US$150m, but the return on the Government of the Kingdom of Bahrain’s investment has been many-fold.

Media interest in Formula One throughout Middle East and North Africa has increased massively since the Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix’s inauguration in 2004. In 2006 it leapt by 780 per cent, its total value and airtime exceeding that year’s Winter Olympics in Turin.

BIC has built wisely on the success of our prestige event — on and off the track. Our landmark eight-storey Sakhir Tower, luxury VIP lounges, hi-tech conference facilities and five-star catering have given the region a significant corporate entertainment and conference facility and made the track a serious destination for corporate clients.

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  1. Services regarding Formula 1 is excellent. But when i went for karting i only saw arrogant staff ill behaviour. One of my friends was big guy so they could not provide protective gear to match his size and yet they refused to give his money back. After nearly half hour discussion he started to get angry and first thing they do is call police and kick him out from facility. I would not recommend going there coz staff got reputation of ill manners

  2. Every event that Bahrain holds here is poorly organized and not worth it. Complete rip off, warning, never pay for VIP during any events. You will not feel or see any difference! IGN, Comicon, were both a disaster specifically!

  3. I went here to see the formula 1. I was immediately dismayed at how strict and uncharitable the track staff are. Spectators are only allowed to view the track from the grandstand they have tickets for, all other ways of viewing the track are blocked off, and tickets are very strictly checked upon entering a grandstand, even on practice days. This is not normal for anyone accustomed to attending European races, and anyone expecting any different will be very disappointed, just like I was.

    I was hoping to get photos of the cards from a variety of different vantage points over the weekend, but was unable to do so, as even the views from the fences around the track were blocked off.

    I won’t be returning to Bahrain, I’ll save my money for Silverstone or somewhere similar, where I can wander around the track perimeter looking for a good vantage point, without being hassled by track staff.

  4. The airport is so outdated, even the aircraft’s are so old so outdated, they have only basic amenities, when compared to Singapore Airport Abu Dhabi airport, Bahrain International Airport is like, in medieval times, the ground floor, gate 31 to 36, though cater to Western bound aircrafts, still use busses and stairs to board the flights, it is so unfriendly causing great discomfort to old weak passengers, the food served is so unpalatable, bland, no WiFi in airport, the ground level lounges are stinky, they have free phone charging kiosks but none of them work.. anyway that’s my experience at Bahrain International Airport

  5. What a horrible experience. I’ve been at the grandprix. Service was very awful, it was bloody hot. And the worst of all, they didn’t serve cold beer! Next year I am going to watch the gp at home with some cheetos and a mini fridge!

  6. Nice, big place for different motorsports events. Public attendants can struggle to have the best crowd control plans especially to direct the public to the best parking spots. Not all of them are friendly and welcoming.

  7. One of the main tourist attractions in Bahrain, marvellous design and as beautiful as any F1 circuit could be. Stands are spacious.
    Jam packed during the practice, line up and race days which are usually in April. Weather is mildly hot in these days.
    Circuit can also be visited on non race days, staff at facility is helpful and they don’t hesitate to guide you.
    Wonderful experience. Beautiful circuit. Take as much photos as you can.
    Also don’t forget to visit gift shop as I ‘ve Purchased lot of branded and quality stuff and some souvenirs,That is something you will not regret.

  8. قمه الازعاج ولا فيه احترام للسكان والمساكن في المناطق اللي حوله وغير كذا اذا صار في اي نوع من الاحتفالات كله زحمه الشارع لا نقدر نطلع نقضي امورنا ولا نطلب توصيل

  9. It is a mesmerizing place and a very well maintained one. The place is jam packed for most of the season and exhibition (friendly)races are held frequently. There is also gift shops here where we can get some beautiful souvenirs. I have really enjoyed my time here!

  10. Excellent circuit and looking forward to more renovations and exciting attractions during F1 season! Bathrooms are always clean and during race season, staff are very good about keeping trash out of the grandstands for safety reasons.

  11. One of my favorite places to go! Great location and variant activities. However there needs to be more restrooms and prayer rooms out of formula one season.

  12. Very well built and maintained. Nice place to get the family and enjoy the ambience. Needs more signage to indicate location of prayer rooms though. Also, if they can provide some sort of noise cancellation headphones, that would be great. :’D

  13. By far the most fun I have had at a go-kart race track! Seriously if you are looking for something to do in Bahrain that is fun for you or a large group don’t pass on the Bahrain International Karting Circuit!

  14. تجربه سيئه جداً جداً .. دوله خليجيه يفترض ان تحترم ((الدين الإسلامي)) اولاً واختلافات الاخرين وخصوصياتهم ثانياً
    رفضت الموظفة ان ألعب الا اذا كشفت عن وجهي رفضت ذلك وطلبت ان اتكلم مع المشرف ردت باستهزاء بقولها المشرف على اللعبه الشيخ حمد ال خليفه كلميه اذا مو عاجبك تغاضيت عن اسلوبها الوقح وعدم مهنيتها وكررتها مره اخرى باستهزاء اقوى وضحك !!!
    اتجهت للمشرف ووافق ان يحفظ خصوصيتي ولا تعرض صورتي فيه شاشات العرض فقط ولكن تحفظ في اوراق للتأمين ووافقت على ذلك وعندما ذهبت لها مره اخرى رفضت وكلمت المشرف وتغير كلامه ورفض !!!

    كوني منقبه لم يمنعني من ممارسة مثل هذه الألعاب في دول اخرى (غير مسلمه) ومع ذلك تلقيت القبول واحترام خصوصيتي

  15. Went der for the Bapco family event. It was outside. A grand event. Even the weather was on it’s peak. Nice cold chilly wind. Such a mesmerising beauty. In all a very good experience.

  16. زرته قبل سنه رائع

  17. مكان حلو ومرتب بس اسعار التذاكر مرتفعه حق سباق الفورم لا ١

  18. You can do many activities ranging from Karting, ride SR3. Staff is friendly and its lot of fun during the GP.

  19. Para os fãs de Formula 1, visita interessante!

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