Behbehani Brothers was founded in 1952 by two families, Behbehani and Shirazi, and started its life as a general trading company. In 1957 it diversified into the Automotive Retail Industry and became the distributors for Volkswagen cars. In 1967 Behbehani Brothers became the Porsche Importers for Bahrain and in 1984 Audi was added to their portfolio.

11 reviews

  1. Very bad customer service experience, not coming again

  2. Another stealership I just save my friend from 999 BHD bill, local garage did it for only 29BHD beware ppl

  3. There is no sparepart available all the time,service price expensive.there is no quick service even for changing oil and filter

  4. سيء جدا وغير عملي ولا أنصح أحد باقتناء سيارته من هذا المكان

  5. Unorganised, poor communication and very very slow

  6. Here is my heart beats everyday it’s like a home to me …if lucky to reach here you can’t go while looking back because everyone Brand of a car you will find it here and they have good customer Care as well

  7. Small area and only 3 spare parts staff..comparing to the size of the company it’s very small area and parts very expensive

  8. خدمة الزبائن سيئة مافي ولا موظف او موظفة تبتسم لم على الاقل الا موظف او موظفين وتم معاملتي بحقارة من قبل احد الموظفات في احد المرات ، مافي مكان انتضار للزباين لازم تقعد في نص السيارات على كرسي احد المكاتب تحارس احد يجي يستلمك من الوكالة لان السواق مو على طول متوفر بس الصبح ، قسم الحوادث مافي سواق شلووون ارجع بيتنا عجل ادا مافي سواق هناك يرجعني شي معروف انك رايح قسم الحوادث عشان ترمي سيارتك لهم ارجع مشي يعني ؟

  9. الخدمه سيئة بسبب عدم التجاوب

  10. للأسف خدمة سيئة جدا .. والعاملين في الكراج يبون فلوس بس .. عندي سيارتي فيوز الاضاءة خربان قالو لي ادفع 90 دينار لانه اللمب مالك خربان وهو الفيوز فقط ..

  11. hardest place on earth to contact with, basically the call centre will answer you then they will transfer you to uncontectble numbers, most of the parts are not available for porsche so you have to wait two to three weeks to get some normal common part.

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Central Governorate, Sitra
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Showroom & Spare Parts Sunday: 7am - 4pm Monday: 7am - 4pm Tuesday: 7am - 4pm Wednesday: 7am - 4pm Thursday: 7am - 4pm Friday: Closed Saturday: 7am - 4pm

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