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Here one would often find a school’s vision, mission and all that ‘stuff’ … Sure you can read that below, but MNS is far more than that …

At MNS we believe in the individual.  We believe that each student has a unique path and separate needs and manners to achieve the best that they can.  Our role as educators is to help each student identify their future and help them reach that.  In the younger years our role is to ensure that they have the skills to be able to do this. Literacy and numeracy are expected – those are a basic given.  We instead also recognise that all our students will grow up and play their part in the modern 21st century world requiring far more specific skills.  These are the 4 C’s:  Communication, Creativity, Collaboration and Critical Thinking.

We have advanced IT education integration happening in our classes, but at MNS we are real. You will not find us marketing VR and robotics as our technology integration.  That is consumerism and if as parents you investigate will see that those tools are still limited, but instead using tech appropriately to engage in effective teaching and learning is what we promote. At MNS we will not make a fuss about newly acquired tech, but your children will use tech in their every day learning, and so appropriately that they will not even regard it as technology – just the way that it should be.

6 reviews

  1. Teachers and students are rude…Education is bad…

  2. Most teachers are out right rude, one of them locked 2 children in a storage closet. Most students want to switch classes and friends are separated but the students requested the school to be in the same classes, however the school denied. Some teachers are very kind but the amount is very little, like 2-5 and I’d recommend British School of Bahrain or St. Christopher’s school, honestly do not take your children to this school. AND MARK HEIDMANN YOU WORK IN THE SCHOOL OF COURSE YOU’D PUT A GOOD REVIEW

  3. Amazing school! The teachers are professional and very involved with their students. School staff are friendly and approachable. The school is a safe and loving environment with great facilities that kids will love!

  4. A great location and environment for learning, scholars are full of energy and very motivated in this atmosphere. Very diverse group of learners including academic staff who pay special attention to each individual scholar.

  5. The Saudi Branch of this school was shut down by Saudi authorities. I hope the Bahraini government watches this school to prevent any wrongdoing.

  6. Would definitely NOT recommend, one of the worse schools in Bahrain, teachers, SPECIALLY “CO-ORDINATORS AND MANAGEMENT ” are extremely disrespectful and rude , they can’t handle students. This is my advice: dont send your child here.

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