St Christophers School

Education for a shared humanity

St Christopher’s is a thriving school with an internationally distinguished reputation. Starting from modest beginnings in 1961 in a villa, it now offers an exceptional education to over 2,300 children and young adults, aged three to eighteen, from around seventy nations.

Our dedicated staff of almost 400 people ensure that every day is a special day for the pupils at St Christopher’s. We encourage the notion that personal improvement and development is always possible and our highly professional teachers and teaching assistants will use the best pedagogical strategies to raise the achievement of all pupils.

Over recent years we have implemented practices such as the Building Learning Power framework developed by Prof. Guy Claxton and Assessment for Learning. Recently, we have been using Prof. John Hattie’s evidence-based teaching research to inform our development and have applied Carol Dweck’s insights into the importance of developing a growth mindset in all members of the community.

Learning at St Christopher’s is enjoyed within our caring and compassionate ethos, where individuals are appropriately challenged and encouraged to strive for ever higher goals. Our Five Pillars of Learning, adapted and expanded from the ideas described in a UNESCO report by Jacques Delors, articulates our philosophy of learning, which, in turn, is complemented by the concepts of the “Autonomous Learners”, “Competent Individuals” and “Global Citizens”.

Finally, beyond the most quoted measure of a school – its first-class examination results – we pride ourselves on maintaining a warm and respectful atmosphere, where our pupils leave fully prepared and confident to meet head-on the challenges and vagaries of life in our rapidly changing world.

We hope that our website gives you a good indication of our school, but of course, nothing matches the richness of a visit, so please do contact us, we will be delighted to show you around!

7 reviews

  1. Bad school teachers give to much hw for my son they give him at least 10 a day Andy he’s is in year 4

  2. This school always cheat I hate this school

  3. Is taking only British and few others with connections

  4. so i went to this school for around 8 or so months and it wasn’t the best experience as i didn’t have many friends; i was picked on a lot by the other kids which was hurtful. some teachers would put their ideas and concepts onto the students and some faculty members were racist against the students of colour attending the school (children). if your kid isn’t religious i wouldn’t recommend putting them in this school as (then it was i’m not sure about now) there are many religious studies classes that are mandatory to take.

    if none of that bothers you then i can say that the teaching and education itself wasn’t awful. i learnt a couple useful things.

    in summary. not an awful school but… many unpleasant experiences in some areas

  5. Amazing school with very highstanderds.Those who pester about to much homework ,you only get a reasonable amount of homework once you reach Senior school.And no,they accept people all over the globe,they don’t only accept “Conections of roots.”

    Also,those who are thinking that they cheat is obviously childish.All stchris competitions are fair.Dont complain for unfairness since it’s just a waste of time.

  6. I used to go to this school and I only liked elementary and in my first year of middle school Grade 6 (Y7) it was horrible. The teachers weren’t supportive academically which is one reason I left. The kids are really rude and have no respect (a lot of them but some of them no). There wasn’t proper revision material to revise for tests. This school even has racist teachers.

  7. I’ve been here since nursery and honestly I’ve made a lot of friends and had a lot of good teachers. IKNS sucks

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