Bahrain Defence Force Hospital

Vision Statement:

To be one of the leading national and regional hospitals in efficiency and continuously providing highest quality health care.
Mission Statement:


In War: Excellent medical support to all BDF Units.
In Peace: Excellent, quality driven healthcare to BDF, Members of the Royal Family, Ministry of Interior and Royal Court Employees and their families.
Emergency services to the public.
Coordinates with the Cardiac Center services to provide cardiac care to all Bahraini nationals and residents of the Kingdom who works in various government ministries.

Loyalty… To our country, The King and to all entrusted to our care.
Respect… To treat all our personnel with trust and integrity.
Selfless Services… To place the welfare of our patients and others about that of our own.
Growth… To encourage our employees to develop professionally, to ensure that the service they provide will sustain the organization’s continuing improvement.
Quality… To continuously ensure that quality services become a distinguished characteristic of individual and organizational performance.
Collaboration… To encourage a collaborative environment, which promotes the attainment of the organization mission.
Leadership… To encourage innovation, teamwork, participation and effective communication.

12 reviews

  1. A government hospital, very crowded place, long waiting times approx. 3 – 4 hours. Does a pretty good job.

  2. One of the best medical services in Bahrain, Shaikh Mohd. bin Khalifa cardiac centre in particular. Special thanks to Dr. Habib Turaif and staff of ward 33.

  3. Dear All I joined Bahrain Defence Force royal medical services, Bahrain in Aug 2016 in the post of chief resident ( Prosthodontist). Madam, I had a horrible experience there as I was humiliated so many times as staff use to shout , abuse me. They did not pay my last month salary and my on call allowance. Please help me and there are so many staff like me who are getting humiliated every day by local staff and they have not paid salary for so many Indian doctors.
    Please intervene my passport number is L 4635033. My Bahrain Defence Force royal medical services number was 1442016.Madam Please help me, I did not raised this matter because I want to come back safely from that area.
    Dr Manish Sen Kinra

  4. Terrible hospital.
    Staff are not polite specially in the emergency department where they should be extra nice and care for patients!!
    Always the next available appointment is in 3 weeks!!
    Where are the real doctors?! Nobody cares here!!!
    Shouldn’t the patient be the priority? Here it’s the doctor, always busy and not caring! If you get a diagnosis it’s always wrong!
    You will die here!!! Stay away!!!

  5. Worst hospital I’ve ever dealt with scheduling follow up appointment, specifically their orthopedic dept. I called at various times of the day, emailed, even attempted to call the Dr’s cell. Always either too busy to even pick up, or transferring my call ad nauseum ’till the call dropped. As for the quality of care it was standard but I would avoid them if it could be helped.

  6. The first phase was the establishment stage in early 1970’s, and was located in the “Al Hamalah”. At that time the clinical activities were limited to primary care and for isolating patients with acute illness from the Military Camps operating with eight beds capacity. After few years two outpatient clinics, a treatment room, a small laboratory and an X-ray room were added.

    The second phase began in late 1979 when the establishment of Phase I took place. This increased the bed capacity to 120 beds, which provided major health care services to Personnel and their dependents from both the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Interior.

    The third phase was the establishment of the new hospital in early 1992 which resulted in the expansion of existing medical services, along with the establishment of specialized cardiac center. The phase has increased the hospital bed capacity to 400 beds.

    Locally the B.D.F Hospital is ranked the second largest hospital in the country after the Salmaniya Medical center of the Ministry of Health in terms of medical services, operational capacity and staffing.

  7. Nice hospitals but appointments are too long. Nearest appointment is 3-4 months away.

  8. Extremely good hospital in the kingdom.

  9. من اسواء تجارب لي في مستشفي استاف تمريض يتاخر كثير اكل جدا سئ غرفه اثاث متهالك قديم حمام صغير افضل مافيه دكاتره فقط اجراءات الخروج ٤ ساعات على ورقتين تنويم فيه يجيب مرض

  10. Private pharmacy was not working for two days. The entrance door showed “system down closed”. How can a pharmacy keep it closed since BDF hospital is very important and a lot of patients are visiting there.

    Responsible person needs to be looked into it.

  11. Complicated process! No one knows the procedures, there is a huge gaps between the management, system and reality as it is affecting all hospital stakeholders in a very bad way especially the patients

  12. من المؤسف ان هناك موظفين غير مؤدبين في قسم الأشعة المقطعين مثل النقيب ابراهيم حافظ علي ويعكس صورة غير لائقة عن اخلاق أهل البحرين الطيبين وكذلك بعض الأقسام الاخرى وكان المريض ضيف غير مرغوب فيه دخل عليهم فيحتاج الى الاستعانة بموظفين يحترمون أنفسهم ويحترمون المرضى وكذلك الناخير في ايجاد سرير للمريض رغم ان هناك العديد من الأسرة القاضيه في الأجنحة نرجوا الاهتمام بسمعة المستشفى وسمعة الخدمات الطبيه في البحرين

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